Messenger Automation for e-Commerce

An end-to-end messenger automation platform for online sellers and brands to communicate with their customers and recommend them products using messeging platforms such as Facebook, Kik etc.

Convert your social media followers into loyal customers.

Champloo allows online sellers to generate sales lead and ensure customer satisfaction through fan engagement. Our AI-based chatbots create seamless personalized shopping experiences with better product recommendation and faster complaint resolution..

Smart and Purposeful User Experience Design

Champloo allows online sellers to create exceptional chat experience because of our e-commerce-focused UX design

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With Champloo, you can create and manage all your bots through a single interface. You can update all your bots in a single click.

Rich Chat Experience

Champloo ensures enganging chat experiences with features like in-chat navigation and allows you to focus completely on content.

Customize Your Bot

Champloo enables you to customise your Bot's persona in accordance with Brand's image and user preference.

Deep Insights

Champloo provides analytical inights into your user preferences as well as market in general based on chat data.

Learn how chatbots can transform the online market

Chatbots are creating a lot of buzz.Conversational Interfaces are going to transform the shopping experience through personalised content delivery, real-time query resolution and preference based recommendations. Check out our blog and learn more about Chatbots.


What can I do with chatbots?

In the near future, chatbots are going to be everywhere. But, for now, they are new and appear confusing. Feel free to reach us if you have any queries about chatbots and how they can help you in your business?

Bots for All Platforms

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